LASIK Preparation

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Woman typing on her laptopDr. Seibel typically performs LASIK surgeries on Wednesday and Friday afternoons at our ambulatory surgery facilities, located at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in the Mark Goodson Building. This appointment will be scheduled at the time of your comprehensive eye exam.


LASIK eye surgery is an ambulatory procedure, which means that you walk into our surgery facility, have your procedure and then walk out again.

Here is a list of things to do before your surgery day:

Forms to sign

Please carefully review the informed consent forms as these are to be signed prior to the day of surgery.

Travel arrangements

If you are coming in from out of town, travel and accommodations are your responsibility – although, our office is happy to provide you with some referrals. As laser eye correction is a medical procedure, please make allowances for the possibility of an extended stay according to the healing process of your eyes.

Driving arrangements

Please arrange for someone else to drive you home on the day of your laser eye surgery. After laser eye surgery your eyes will be irritated and light sensitive. This usually dissipates within 24 hours after surgery. You should not plan on driving long distances for approximately 3 days after LASIK eye surgery and 7 days after PRK eye surgery.

Time away from work

Depending upon your occupation, you may need to arrange to be away from work for a day or so following LASIK eye surgery. We will advise you as to how long according to your specific work and physical requirements.


Please arrange for any children to be left under someone else’s care for the duration of your procedure and immediate recovery, which takes approximately 2 hours.

What to eat or drink

There are generally no restrictions on eating or taking medications before or on your surgery day, however, please advise us of any medications you are taking. Avoid alcohol at least 24 hours prior to and 48 hours after laser eye surgery, as alcohol dehydrates the tissues and may alter the effect of the laser on your eyes.

What to wear

You will be wearing your own clothing during your procedure, so choose clothing that is loose, very clean, and comfortable. The operating room is kept at a cool temperature, so you may want to dress a bit warmly. Avoid all clothing that might possibly generate lint.

What NOT to wear

Your face must be meticulously clean and free of all additives. Certain items will alter the effect of the laser on your eyes and, as a safety precaution, surgery will be cancelled if any are present. On the day of your surgery, you must refrain from using:

  • Facial or eye makeup (lipstick, foundations, powders, etc.)
  • Products that contain alcohol
  • Perfume, colognes, deodorant
  • Hair products that could leave residue on your face (conditioners, hair spray, mousse, etc.)
  • Creams or lotions on or near your face

Medications to take

No medications are prescribed before your procedure.

How to feel

It is completely natural and normal if you feel nervous, anxious, or excited prior to laser eye surgery. We will do everything possible to make this an excellent and positive experience for you.

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