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Read LASIK and cataract surgery reviews from patients who underwent vision correction surgery. LASIK and cataract surgery testimonials provide prospective candidates with firsthand information about other patients’ LASIK and cataract surgery experiences.

“Dear Dr. Seibel:

Cataract Surgery

I wish to thank you most sincerely for the cataract surgery and lens implants you performed on me to restore my vision to perfection.

In particular I was most impressed with the meticulous manner in which you conducted the presurgery tests involving the many state of the art instruments and measuring devices which you have developed.

Your contribution to this aspect of medical science is truly most praiseworthy.

Barnett S. Bergman”
Cataract surgery patient

“Dear Dr. Seibel:

For many years, I have lived with advanced cataracts in both eyes. As much as I wanted to improve my eyesight, I was never confident enough to undertake this surgery with any of the medical doctors I consulted. I was referred to you by my primary physician and I quote him, “Albert, Dr. Seibel is a doctor’s doctor and I would only have him do surgery; he is the best.”

You have recently completed surgery on both my eyes with 20/20 and 20/30 vision results. This is truly amazing. I want to thank you for restoring a world of light and color that was missing in my life for many years. My vision has been restored to that of my youth. You have made my surgery experience a trouble free and unique one. Your cutting edge advanced knowledge is blessing for all your patients. Thank you, Dr. Seibel, for taking such good care of me. Your able staff is a credit to your practice.
Most Sincerely,

Albert B. Jacard”
Cataract surgery patient

“Dear Dr. Seibel,

It was very nice meeting you recently. Thank you for taking the time to examine me and provide information on LASIK. I was very impressed that when you determined that I am not a good candidate, you were honest and gave me other options that wouldn’t necessarily benefit you. I think many individuals today would be more interested in securing the business.
Thank you and best regards,

Bambi Bryant”
LASIK patient

“To and for: Barry S. Seibel, MD

I was diagnosed with dual cataracts at age 65. It was my good fortune to locate Seibel Vision Surgery on the web. The Seibel web site is an educational marvel for lay public study of eye health. It helped me greatly to understand cataracts. I found Dr. Seibel to be simply the most caring MD I have ever met. He personally phoned me around 9:00 P.M. to follow up my condition on each of my two cataract surgery days. As for his professional expertise; my uncorrected vision in July 9 956 as a 17 year old U.S. Navy Recruit was 20/30 Right Eye – 20/40 Left Eye. After cataract surgery and IOL implants by Dr. Seibel, I now see 20/20 with both eyes. My color and depth perception is a sight to behold! I now drive and read without glasses, other than 1.50 readers for fine print. Thanks!”

Ed Hensley, AW2 (Aircrew)
U.S. Navy (Retired) Viet Nam Veteran
Cataract surgery patient

“How can I begin to tell you what a difference the latest implant made in my life. Just after surgery, perfect vision, great perception, and a new world of visual pleasure. I cannot give enough praise to the outstanding surgeon who performed the surgery. I will always be indebted to your talents and skills. Bless you for the joy you bring your patients.”

Irma Derrick
Beverly Hills, California
Cataract surgery patient

“My experience with Dr, Seibel was nothing but joy and trust. From the first office visit, I was confident that he possessed the experience and knowledge to perform this delicate surgery. Sight is the most precious gift of all, and clear, crisp sight is even more precious. My nose and ears are so happy that they don’t have to carry the heavy burden of the glasses anymore. My experience with Dr. Seibel has been nothing but true professionalism and care for his patients.”

Nasrin Shahandeh
LASIK surgery patient

“I’ve been extremely nearsighted all my life. When I came out of surgery I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I could see everything around me so clearly- I simply could not believe it. For the first time in my life I can see without the need for much correction. My life has changed dramatically. Before the surgery I would never leave the house without my extra pair of glasses. No more fears, no insecurities. I feel very fortunate to have had Dr. Seibel perform the surgery. His outstanding skill and expertise were a given. Dr. Seibel cares deeply for his patients; he is a compassionate individual – a lovely man.”

Cornelia Herman
Cataract surgery patient

“I came in to see about LASIK, but was found to have cataracts. I learned that Dr. Seibel is considered one the top cataract specialists. My surgery experience was incredible! I am still astounded as to the duration from start to finish, 12-15 minutes of surgery time. As an athletics director and soccer coach I can now enjoy sports. I don’t have to put on and remove eyeglasses. Dr. Seibel’s professionalism is indeed exceptional. He’s very thorough in explaining to the patient what’s going on.”

Horacio R. Fonseca
Athletic Director and
Professor of History
Cataract surgery patient

“Dr. Seibel is one of the best surgeons, and is highly regarded by other doctors. I would only use him to do my surgery. He made me feel very much at ease. He was calming, and went overboard to explain things to me. After my surgery my vision was greatly improved. I was surprised at how startlingly beautiful all the colors were.”

Jerrold Rotwein, MD
Retired doctor
Cataract surgery patient

“The new eye that you have given me has allowed me to see the stars and the nebulae better than I have in 20 years! I can’t thank you enough.”

Ray Griffin
Cataract surgery patient

“I had always been skeptical about LASIK surgery, as it is difficult to find a very reliable eye surgeon. I chose Dr. Seibel because I knew he is very professional and passionate about providing good medical service to his patients. During surgery, he briefed me ahead of time and took away my fear of not knowing what came next. Dr. Seibel is a great eye doctor and surgeon. I have never felt so comfortable and confident with another doctor as I have with Dr. Seibel.”

Raymond Chan
LASIK surgery patient

“At the age of 44, I didn’t expect to find myself faced with the prospect of having cataract surgery. Unlike most cataract patients, I developed steroid induced cataracts due to my prolonged use of steroid eye drops. I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Barry Seibel, who aside from all of his professional accomplishments and inventions, is one of the most caring and compassionate doctors I have ever experienced. From the initial examination through all the pre-op, surgical and post-op TESTIMONIALS Dr. Seibel was extremely attentive and patient. He generously gave me his time at each appointment. He answered all of my questions and left me with the confidence that I was always in “good hands”. Needless to say, I was very impressed with Dr. Seibel’s surgical skills and bedside manner…and my surgeries went very well. With much appreciation and with the clearest vision in years,”

Joan Fondell
Los Angeles, California
Cataract surgery patient

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