Post-operative exams

Woman getting a post op LASIK eye examYou are required to return to our office within 24 hours after surgery for your first post-operative appointment. This appointment will be given to you immediately following your surgery.

Follow-up exams:

After your 24-hour visit, there are two additional post-operative examinations required:

  • 1 day, 3 weeks, 3 and 6 months following LASIK
  • Additional visit at 1 year for PRK
  • Regular yearly checkups thereafter

Each post-operative appointment is very important, even if everything seems fine to you. These examinations help us to evaluate the healing process of your eyes, which continues for some time, and to monitor for the development of infection. There are occasional infections that have no obvious symptoms until they are too advanced, so be sure to keep to your schedule.

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You may schedule post-operative care with your eye care professional, if you prefer. We are happy to work with other practices. Please keep in mind that you must make your follow-up appointments with that office prior to your surgery date, and that you are responsible for any additional fees. Be prepared to furnish Seibel Vision Surgery with the pertinent information and completed forms necessary for the transfer; we are happy to facilitate this process.

Address all concerns immediately:

Additionally, Dr. Seibel will want to know if you have any concerns about your vision or your eyes at any time. Having access to your medical history, Dr. Seibel will be most qualified to determine if your situation is within normal limits or requires additional care.

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