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As Dr. Seibel explains, “The development of each of the Seibel surgical instruments occurred while applying Phacodynamics principles to cataract and LASIK surgery.

Storz Instruments LogoDuring each step of every operation, I ask myself what the goal of that moment and how it could best be served. If the answer is not the current technique and instrumentation, then I systematically derive how I can make improvements. This is how I created the 20 specialized Seibel instruments that enhance safety, patient comfort, and surgical efficiency.”

For a complete list of all the Seibel surgical instruments go to: Curriculum Vitae – Instrumentation.

Below is data from Bausch & Lomb on one of these surgical instruments:

Bausch & Lomb is pleased to introduce innovative surgical instruments design for cataract/refractive surgery by Barry Seibel, MD

E4054R Seibel 3-D Lid Speculum – Solid Blade

E4075R Seibel 3-D Lid Speculum – Ribbon Blade

E4075RC Seibel 3-D Lid Speculum – Ribbon Blade Compact

Seibel Lid Speculum

Lid control for cataract and refractive procedures.

  • Unique pivot axis allows blades to gently support lids through an anatomically correct arc of motion.
  • Swivel screw adjustment mechanism rotates out of the way after adjustment and provides a secure lock.
  • Lid blades contoured to the surface of the eye are excellent for creating exposure of the eye surface during phacoemulsification or microkeratome suction ring placement.
  • Ribbon design of blades allows same surgical ergonomic access as open wire designs but the ribbon stock distributes force over a larger surface area than the tangent point of contact of a wire speculum, thereby reducing focal pressure on the eyelid and enhancing patient comfort.

Cataract Speculum

cataract speculum

Available in solid blade or open “ribbon” style blade.

Cataract Speculum
Unlike conventional speculum designs that open in one plane, the blades of the Seibel 3-D Speculum follow the anatomical path of the globe to gently support the lids.

Cataract Speculum
Screw mechanism swings up for positioning and adjustment and down out of the way during the procedure.

To order, please contact your Bausch & Lomb representative or call customer service at 800-338-2020. Visit our web site at bausch.com.

The Seibel 3-D Lid Speculum was designed by Barry S. Seibel, MD of Los Angeles, CA, U.S. PATENT No. 6,283,913.

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