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VISX Variable Spot Scanning

LASIK Personalized Specifically for YOUR Eyes!

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Variable Spot Scanning (VSS)* is an exclusive VISX laser technology that allows for a larger, more precise LASIK treatment area. This gives Dr. Seibel greater flexibility in developing a personalized LASIK procedure specifically for your best possible outcome.

Unlike other scanning systems, VSS provides variable size and shape beams with scanning capabilities. This gives the device a wide range of indications, offering more flexibility in personalizing LASIK treatments for myopic, astigmatic, and hyperopic patients.

Seven-beam array
This exclusive VISX technology produces an even and homogenous energy profile, using a sophisticated array of seven beams for a uniquely consistent, smooth treatment that no other LASIK system can match.

Variable-size beams
Unlike fixed-spot lasers, beam diameters range in size from in size from 0.65 mm to 6.5 mm to perform even the most intricate LASIK procedures.

Variable-shape beams
Beams are shaped to create spherical, cylindrical, or elliptical removals depending on LASIK treatment needs.

Scanning capabilities
Beams scan across the cornea for flexible treatment modalities. And, unlike fixed-beam scanning lasers, the VSS seven-beam technology removes more tissue per pulse , enabling LASIK procedures to be completed quickly and efficiently with less total tissue removal.

CAP Customized Treatments
Due to the various sizes and shapes of beams available, LASIK correction can be customized for those of you who need specialized care due to irregular astigmatism or other difficult problems to treat.

What VSS Does for You

Variable Spot Scanning makes it possible for your LASIK treatment to be shorter in time. This adds to your comfort. In addition, VSS takes off less tissue per given prescription than other lasers. This is important, especially for those with thin corneas or high prescriptions. It is important that the cornea be of sufficient thickness after the LASIK procedure for stability. The VISX Star S4 Variable Spot Scanning Laser lets us know before the LASIK procedure how much tissue will be taken off so that we can always stay well within safe limits. It is also more tissue sparing than fixed spot lasers. Variable Spot Scanning makes a very smooth LASIK treated surface on the eye.

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*The VISX laser utilizes the VSS technology in creating a blend zone in myopic patients receiving -1.0 diopter of vision correction.

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