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lasik visx waveprint At Seibel Vision Surgery, your Wavefront LASIK procedure will includes= the VISX CustomVue Wavefront Analyzer coupled with VISX S4 Excimer tracking Variable Spot Size Laser, and specific CustomVue LASIK treatments.

The VISX WavePrint System will provide you with unparalleled accuracy and exceptional personalized LASIK treatment.

  1. The WavePrint Map of the entire optical path of your eye.

  2. The VISX Star S4 excimer laser with 3D ActiveTrak, which automatically and rapidly tracks the minute movements of your eye in all three dimensions during your LASIK treatment. The 3D ActiveTrak is a unique feature. You no longer have to hold your eye perfectly still, but can relax, knowing your LASIK treatment is precisely centered on your eye.

  3. The VSS or Variable Spot Scanning, which provides flexibility in more personalized LASIK vision correction.

The new wavefront procedure provides unparalleled safety. The VISX Star S4 laser is the already the most highly tested laser in America for LASIK eye surgery. Its sophisticated three-dimensional eye tracking capability helps makes sure the prescribed LASIK treatment occurs as planned, instead of being altered slightly by inadvertent eye movements.

Because wavefront LASIK utilizes the same surgical process as traditional LASIK , you can have the reassurance of more than several million LASIK surgeries having been performed successfully.

Overall, wavefront LASIK is more expensive that standard LASIK procedures. Customization requires more technology, more expertise, and more time. It is not unlike purchasing a good suit. You could purchase 'off-the-rack' or have one 'custom-fit' to your individual needs.

While it is true that wavefront technology can accurately ascertain one's prescription (both lower- and higher-order aberrations), it is currently unable to do so in a small subset of patients. For these individuals, we still have to rely on the subjective testing of "which is better 1 or 2". In addition, even though the LASIK treatments are auto-centered and pupil-tracked under Dr. Seibel's guidance, it is still necessary for you to maintain good fixation on the red, blinking light during treatment.

Wavefront refractions of post-operative LASIK patients with quality of vision complaints often reveal large degrees of higher-order aberrations. Preliminary experience suggests that wavefront LASIK enhancements can reduce these aberrations, as well as subjectively improve night vision and contrast sensitivity problems.

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