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Seibel Vision Surgery keeps stringent standards for LASIK in order to ensure your Personal Best Vision.

There are 4 basic categories of candidates:
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Ideal LASIK candidate
There are certain factors that are vital to your being an ideal LASIK candidate:
  • Age of at least 21 years
  • Vision that has stabilized with a consistent glasses or contact lens prescription for at least 2 years
  • Cornea of sufficient thickness and appropriate curvature - to allow the creation of a clean corneal flap of appropriate depth for LASIK.
  • At least 1 of the common types of vision problems:
  • Free of any disease, vision-related or otherwise, that may reduce the effectiveness of surgery or the ability to heal properly and quickly
  • Adequately informed about the benefits and risks of LASIK

Sometimes factors exist that may keep you from being a candidate immediately, but do not preclude your being a candidate entirely:

  • Eyes that are not fully mature, which usually means less than 21 years of age
  • Vision that has not stabilized with a consistent glasses or contact lens prescription for at least 1 year.
  • Pregnancy or nursing
  • History of ocular herpes within a year prior
  • Refractive errors too severe for treatment with current technology*

*Current FDA-approval defines appropriate candidates as those with myopia up to -12 diopters, astigmatism up to 6 diopters and hyperopia up to +6 diopters.

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Less than ideal LASIK candidate

Sometimes factors exist that might preclude you from being an ideal for LASIK surgery:

  • History of dry eyes
  • Medications such as steroids or immunosuppressants, which can slow or prevent healing
  • Diseases that slow healing, such as autoimmune disorders
  • Scarring of the cornea

Not a LASIK candidate

There are certain conditions and circumstances that exclude individuals from being candidates for LASIK surgery:

Dr. Seibel will then discuss the results of your evaluation with you. Upon your decision to proceed, we will schedule your pre-operative eye exam.

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