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The ability to focus at various distances is called 'accommodation', and is the normal condition of a youthful eye's natural lens. However, as we age, this lens becomes more rigid and our ability to accommodate diminishes, usually starting around the age of forty. This reduced ability to accommodate is called presbyopia. Presbyopia is the reason that reading glasses or bifocals are required as we age.

Aging also causes the eye's natural lens to become more opaque, which scatters light and creates cloudy vision. The opaque lens is called a cataract. More than half of Americans 65 and older have cataracts. Traditionally, when a cataract develops, the human lens is replaced with an artificial lens inside the eye. Our standard lens implant allows optimum vision without glasses for one distance only, usually for far distance. Glasses are still usually needed for close up vision.

Monovision, often achieved through blended vision (where one eye is focused for distance and the other eye for intermediate near) is sometimes a good compromise for average daily activities but still requires prescription glasses for fine visual tasks that require better depth perception.

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Surgical techniques using the ReSTOR lens can reduce or eliminate both farsightedness and nearsightedness while simultaneously addressing presbyopia in patients having cataract surgery. Techniques using the ReSTOR lens also can correct presbyopia in a pre-cataract condition with a procedure called refractive lens exchange, for those who do not yet have cataracts and are highly motivated to be glasses free; note that a RLE procedure would be an off-label use of the ReSTOR lens, which has currently been FDA approved only for use in conjunction with cataract removal.

For the first time in the history of ophthalmology, 80% of patients who choose the ReSTOR lens can be completely independent of glasses for all daily activities.

If you are interested in seeing your best without glasses please contact Seibel Vision Surgery so that we can evaluate the appropriateness of this technology for you. Together, we can further discuss the benefits, risks and costs.

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