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At Seibel Vision Surgery, the goal of cataract surgery is to provide a full range of high quality vision in the most natural way possible. By restoring accommodation to our patients with premium lens implants, we can give you sharp vision at a variety of working distances, thereby increasing your freedom from eyeglasses and contacts.

Many years ago, before the development of lens implants, very thick glasses or contact lenses were needed after cataract surgery. Today nearly everyone having modern cataract surgery will have a lens implant placed inside their eye at the time of surgery. The development of foldable implants was a critical step in the evolution of "no stitch" small incision cataract surgery. And now, with the latest type of lens implants, Dr. Seibel corrects both distance and near vision simultaneously, to free you from wearing glasses altogether! Read about these exciting new lenses:

Most people's vision remains stable until their late 40's. At that time, the eye's natural crystalline lens begins to gradually enlarge and harden. Overtime, it becomes difficult for the eye to automatically focus your lens on the people and things in your life that matter most. This is known as loss of accommodation, or presbyopia, and its earliest symptom is difficulty seeing things close-up.

  This photo shows the typical appearance of a foldable, three piece lens (next to a dime to show relative size). When placed inside the eye, the central round portion (optic) lies behind the pupil. The arms coming out of it are called haptics, and they suspend the implant inside the same, disc-shaped space that used to be the home of the natural lens.

In the past, the power selected aimed at offering optimum distance vision, meaning that you would have to wear glasses to read. Occasionally the power was selected so as to give optimal near vision, then you needed to wear glasses in order to see well in the distance. However, with the latest lens implants, you can now see both near and far without glasses!


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