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Enjoying life to the fullest means being in contact with your surroundings — and that requires constantly changing focus to accommodate our everyday activities — at far distances, at arms length or up close.

If you are interested in seeing your best without glasses please contact Seibel Vision Surgery so that we can evaluate the appropriateness of the amazing CrystaLens for you. Together, we can further discuss the benefits, risks and costs. All of us at Seibel Vision Surgery strive to provide the latest proven solutions to protect and restore vision for you and your loved ones.

Most people's vision remains stable until their late 40's. At that time, the eye's natural crystalline lens begins to gradually enlarge and harden. Overtime, it becomes difficult for the eye to automatically focus your lens on the people and things in your life that matter most. This is known as loss of accommodation, or presbyopia, and its earliest symptom is difficulty seeing things close-up without reading glasses. The CrystaLens is the first intraocular lens that provides accommodation.

CrystaLens, which is a product of Bausch & Lomb, is the only FDA approved accommodating intraocular lens. Unlike the standard cataract replacement lenses, CrystaLens is designed to not only eliminate the patient's cataract but also give the patient a full range of vision so that the patient can see near, far and everywhere in between.

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Many CrystaLens patients hardly if ever need their glasses or contacts again. We know that when many +55 patients find that they can reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contacts after CrystaLens surgery, they become very interested in learning more about it.

The CrystaLens is an advanced focusing implantable lens that can help you see clearly far away, at arms length and up-close without being dependent on glasses or contact lenses.

The CrystaLens is used to replace the natural lens when it has stiffened and limited your ability to focus effectively, particularly when accompanied by cataract formation . Limited focusing ability means that you gradually lose the ability to see things at distance-at arms length or up close, without using either reading glasses, bifocals, or trifocals.

  • The first and only FDA approved accommodating intraocular lens
  • The only lens that uses the natural focusing ability of the eye
  • The first lens to provide a single focal point throughout a continuous range of vision from far to near

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