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Dr. Barry Seibel

When it comes to the quality of your vision, we understand that nothing is more important to you than choosing the most skilled and caring eye surgeon.

We invite you to read more about Dr. Seibel and his approach to patient care, continually expanding his knowledge base and refining his surgical skills - all for your best possible experience!

One of Dr. Seibel's contributions to medicine is his textbook on cataract surgery, "Phacodynamics" - used by eye surgeons worldwide for learning the science behind cataract surgery specific to patients as individuals rather than a generalized approach. Recently released in its 400-page Fourth Edition, this classic text has also been welcomed in Japanese and Spanish.

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The Seibel IntraLASIK Flap Lifter is just one of 20 surgical instruments created by Dr. Seibel to enhance patient experience during LASIK. It was so well received that IntraLase (the bladeless LASIK company) uses it in demonstrating their latest technology to surgeons around the world. Dr. Seibel's innovative instruments are some of the most useful designs in the field of eye surgery.

As you may well know, an ophthalmologist is a medically licensed eye surgeon and, as such, Dr. Seibel is highly regarded not only by his patients, but also by his peers. He offers his teaching services to other ophthalmologists world-wide. He also participates as an investigator in numerous FDA clinical trials for the continual improvement of patient-centered eye surgery. Because of activities such as these, Dr. Seibel stays up-to-date on proven techniques and technology for obtaining your optimum vision.

Dr. Seibel was recently honored to serve as the Director of all Surgical Skills Transfer Courses, (which includes cataract surgery, LASIK, vitrectomy and glaucoma surgery) for the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. This prestigious series of courses provides ophthalmologists from all over the globe an opportunity to gain knowledge handed over ("transferred") from one eye surgeon to another.

As a Clinical Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of California, Los Angeles, Jules Stein Eye Clinic, Dr. Seibel can offer you all the advantages of the latest technology, as well as access to ongoing clinical trials.

  • Dr. Seibel was one of only 13 eye surgeons chosen to participate as a FDA investigator to validate Wavefront LASIK technology for VISX in the United States.

  • He was the first eye surgeon in Los Angeles to offer the combined technologies of bladeless, all-laser LASIK with IntraLase with the VISX CustomVue wavefront ablation.

Dr. Seibel combines a solid background in technology, the sophisticated expertise of a cataract eye surgeon, and extensive experience with the state-of-the-art custom Wavefront LASIK laser to help you achieve your Personal Best Vision.

Dr. Seibel helps thousands of patients in the Los Angeles area to see better and enjoy a more fulfilling life. Read some of their testimonials!

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